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    <allpages gapfrom="Release 0.6.0" />
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      <page pageid="502" ns="0" title="Release 0.5.0">
          <rev xml:space="preserve"> arm:
  - Fixed MSR with immediate value opcode.
  - Fixed LSR_0 thumb opcode (C flag is correctly set now).
  - Fixed LDR*/STR* opcodes.
  - Fixed unaligned memory access on THUMB Core.
  - Added relocating SWI routines.
  - Added decompression functions.
  - Added GetPitchTable function.
  - Added GetVolumeTable function.
  - Added GetCRC16 function.
  - Added experimental SoundBias function.
  - Added GetSineTable function.
  - Added CompactFlash/FAT emulation.
  - Added Get ROM chip ID Cartridge command.
  - Added framebuffer emulation.
  - Fixed a bug in GPU (xfin could be greater than LG causing a segfault).
  - Added support for Display Mode 0(Display Off).
  - Added the basic framework for Display Mode 3(Display from Main RAM).
  - Added sound emulation.
  - Added sound core system.
  - Added WAV write core.
  - Added dummy core.
  - Added Direct Sound core.
 linux port:
  - Added GTK+ GUI.
  - Added command line interface.
  - Added stylus and arm9 keypad support in CLI version.
  - Added FPS display.
  - Added basic frameskip.
 windows port:
  - Fixed a bug when displaying a ROM's information.
  - Added key configuration.
  - Removed the debug key.
  - Added new experimental auto frameskip/frame limit code.
  - Added sound settings dialog.
  - Added a few menu options for accessing the website, forums, and for
    submitting bugs.
  - Rewrote code in C.
  - Fixed warnings.
  - Used defines and typedef's to make things more portable and easier to
  - Added autotools stuff.
  - Changes to logging system.
  - Added screenshot function.
  - Translated most french to english.
  - Added savestate support.
  - Added firmware reading support(needs work).
  - Added Backup Memory support with autodetection.
  - Fixed some endianess issues.
  - Fixed things so Visual C++ can compile code.
  - Added bsd support.
  - Reworked ROM loading so you can load a different rom without any problems.
  - Finished NDS_Reset. Now the emulation can be reset even while running.</rev>