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0.9.8 -> 0.9.9 (r4228-r4623)

Yes, it's been a while since the last release, but we haven't been completely idle. There's a brand new jit cpu core which yields some impressive speedups!


!!!: add optional arm cpu jit (functioning on x86 and x64 hosts only)
bug: we're not going to list 70% of the emulation fixes, as is traditional.
bug: savestate reliability fixes related to halt states, gxstat, firmware
bug: lua: fix readbyterange, gdscreenshot functions
bug: commandline slot-1 handling straightened out
enh: fixes and additions to resize filter options


enh: opengl 3d driver compatibility improvements
bug: fix giant regression from 0.9.7 that left garbage from previous frames on the screen in some games
bug: 3d: fix some single poly pixels
bug: 3d: fix some polygon and texture coloring bugs on big-endian systems


bug: fix some full screen stretching bugs
enh: add xaudio2 output driver
enh: add opengl display method (as opposed to directdraw), with controllable bilinear filter
enh: upgrade archive handling system, lzma2 supported
enh: reorganize main menu quite a bit
enh: add rotation hotkeys, and hotkey to control mouse cursor visibility
enh: memory viewer improvements and fixes
enh: improve interface for rom eject to prevent accidents and improve usefulness (hide in slot-1 config screen)


bug: fix missing display when running on OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion
bug: fix possible sound crash when using Dual SPU Synch/Asynch
bug: fix File menu items being disabled after the file migration sheet is used
bug: fix window resizing issues
bug: fix text rendering in About box
enh: show the icon and name of the loaded ROM
enh: add Support Request and Bug Report forms to the Help menu
enh: add more detailed info to the About box
enh: add OpenGL as a 3D rendering option
enh: add support for MSAA when using OpenGL as the 3D rendering engine
enh: add V-Sync option
enh: add Display Orientation, Display Order, and Display Separation options for Combo Display mode
enh: add HQ4xS filter
enh: completely revamp the user interface for Input Preferences
enh: many emulator commands may now be mapped
enh: add ability to map an input to user-defined touch screen coordinates
enh: add support for saving and applying input profiles
enh: add support for using an audio file for the microphone input
enh: add sine wave tone generator for microphone input
enh: add support for multiple display windows (File > New Display Window)
enh: add support for SLOT-1 devices (Emulation > Show SLOT-1 Manager)
enh: overall performance and stability improvements
enh: miscellaneous user interface improvements

0.9.7 -> 0.9.8 (r3812-r4228)

Yes, it's been a while since the last release, but we haven't been completely idle. There's a brand new top shelf Cocoa frontend to make life far more pleasant for OSX users, and a host of compatibility fixes.


bug: fix more IPC FIFO errors
bug: import more save files correctly
bug: don't autopatch already-patched roms
bug: fix bugs in piano and guitar grip
bug: fix ARM7's VRAMSTAT register
bug: fix memory leaks on compact flash emulation
bug: fix reading of rom from low header area
bug: spu: fix some poppy interpolation audio quality issues
bug: improve timing of dma operations by running through normal mem cycle accounting; fixes an annoying number of games and graphical glitches
bug: fix opcode MRC and fake bios CRC16
enh: jitter some related register and irq events to simulate pipeline effects and stimulate some race conditions to other outcomes
enh: fake (deterministic) some tiny jitter from human's hand holding stylus; some games were accidentally depending on this
enh: support nocash-style prints from arm
enh: add lua apis for accessing vram
enh: platforms other than windows receive threading optimizations
enh: provide diagnostics when system powers off (useful for homebrewers returning from main())
enh: clarify handling of different console types within the family (ds,dslite,debug)
enh: vfat support for slot-1 devices
enh: emulate temperature register
enh: add paddle emulation


bug: fix occasional crash from uninitialized blending table
bug: fix some 2d alpha blending cases resulting in white screens
bug: fix VRAM_I B_OBJ mirroring and fix sprites rendering across the end of vram
bug: fix rotoscaled sprites wrapping around screen
bug: dont fix rotscaled bitmap sprites with alpha==0
bug: opengl: fix degradation of toon rendering during loadstate
bug: opengl: alpha blending fixes
bug: many refinements to opengl renderer
bug: opengl: support rear-plane/ClearImage emulation (fixes many graphics)
bug: rasterizer: fix some rare alpha blending cases
bug: fix bug in environment mapping introduced after 0.9.6
bug: fix totally glitched out 3d graphics with several improvements involving matrix stack
bug: fix memory overflows in epx filter
bug: prevent backdrop from blending with ???
enh: opengl: better depth buffering emulation
enh: better support for line segment "polys" by detection and special rendering logic
enh: opengl: support quad primitives directly
enh: add hq4x filter


bug: fix a long-standing loadstate crash
bug: fix lag frame accounting
bug: fix glitches in cheat entry menu
bug: stop compact flash emulation from accidentally scanning c:\ sometimes
enh: add support for game database for improved save type detection
enh: hotkey for limit framerate toggle
enh: remove stop and reset toolbar buttons which were accidentally getting used
enh: additional complexification to desmume's behaviour run from a console prompt. whether it's better is uncertain.
enh: add support for cheats databases
enh: improvements to ram search tool
enh: preliminary support for varying stylus pressure
enh: add [Display] Show Console=1 to ini file
enh: more graceful cheat parsing and add some hotkeys
enh: add 5x window size
enh: add big endian and 20.12 toggle to memview and ramwatch
enh: improve FPS throttle feedback and granularity
enh: add lua menu API
enh: hud font switching
enh: add optional file association for .nds to path config dialog


enh: Big update to cocoa frontend. Pretty much entirely new. (rogerman)


bug: gtk: glitches in rom and recent rom loading
bug: glade: normalize savestate slot to hotkey mapping
enh: support soundtouch for use by metaspu
enh: gtk: add SPU mode selection (Tobias Jakobi)
enh: cli: better fps limiting (Thomas Jones)


 bug: some small fixes here and there (Jan Bücken)
 enh: lot of code cleanup (Jan Bücken) 

0.9.6 -> 0.9.7 (r3493-r3812)


bug: fix a ton of old, broken cpu opcodes and CP15 logic
bug: return Z1 and Z2 from TSC (fixes some touch logic)
bug: gba slot save type detection improved
bug: handle unusual rom headers more correctly
bug: dont confuse motion pack commands with save memory commands
bug: make cheat system a little less flaky and add AR 1.54 support
bug: fix nondeterministic backup memory behaviour while rerecording
bug: correct emulation of register accesses of wrong size and during powerdown
bug: rewrite --cflash-path emulation
bug: rewrite IPC/GX FIFO, IRQ flag generation, and wait-for-IRQ logics
bug: rewrite RTC calendar handling; now supports years > 2038
enh: auto-DLDI patching for homebrew
enh: --gbaslot-rom=self mounts self.nds in slot2
enh: more realistic exception handling
enh: piano controller emulation
enh: modular slot-1 system for exact emulation of homebrew cards


bug: edge marking colors were wrong
bug: handle some "invalid" vram configurations correctly
bug: convert half of geometry engine to fixed point
bug: fix sprite blend+fadein/fadeout
bug: improve rasterizer shadows
bug: fix main memory display DMA
bug: fix some raster fx timing bugs
enh: add a hack for improving some non-stencil shadows


bug: misc fixes and improvements to gpu viewer tools
bug: sub screen layer display toggling fixed
bug: fixes and improvements to ram watch, ram search, cheats list
bug: fix start-paused commandline
bug: fix memory leaks when sound disabled
bug: improve load average calculators and add arm7 load average
enh: background input support
enh: add vsync option
enh: support more knobs on joysticks
enh: import cheats from R4 database
enh: add xinput rumble for 360 pads


bug: crash less in recent roms list
enh: Add horizontal screen layout and swap screen ability to gtk frontend (noodlebox)
enh: Big improvement to joystick support, support complex configurations and multiple devices (noodlebox)

0.9.5 -> 0.9.6 (r3075-r3493)

Users of gtk, cli and gtk-glade frontends please note that now we have a common directory in ~/.config/desmume for config file, saves and savestates. The old .desmume.ini will be moved automatically with the name config but you have to move your saves manually.

Some save files may be invalidated due to use of broken crc logic. Back up your DSV files before using this version of the emulator or else the game might wipe it.


bug: emulate keypad interrupt
bug: spu overhaul, add capture support
bug: fix dma address reloading
bug: fix rom close memory corruption
bug: fix div and sqrt busy flag bug
bug: fix vectest
bug: fix lid savestate desync
bug: fix texcache memory GB explosion when games use tons of tiny 3d sprites
bug: fix huge rerecording movie file handle leak
bug: fix EXXXXXXX cheat codes and some add/edit/save/load bugs
bug: add 8MBit - 512MBit flash emulation
bug: fix firmware booted-from-card flag
bug: fix some failures to wake
bug: fix some rtc calendar logic
bug: op_bkpt emulation
bug: correctly emulate POWCNT1 and POWCNT2 and SPI power device
bug: corrections to bootup stack configuration
bug: protect bios from being overwritten
bug: initialize save data to 0xFF instead of 0x00
bug: handle relocated irq vectors
bug: support patched firmwares
bug: handle 8bit auxspidata, 32bit BLDY, 32bit div regs
bug: fix some divide by zero cases
bug: don't print \n in ideas debug message
bug: don't let games read off end of cart and crash emulator
bug: fix SWI 0x0E crc16 ; some save files using wrong crc may be invalidated
bug: fix many big endian bugs
bug: fix CPSR.I idle wakeup
bug: fix loadstate crashes, mostly when sound is enabled
enh: support devkitpro argv
enh: add gbaslot-rom commandline
enh: add no$gba debug message
enh: add rtc start to dsm header


bug: fix a mistakenly rendered OBJ window and 3d blend effects
bug: fixes to matrix stacks, fixing lots of garbled geometry
bug: fix fog density registers
bug: fix hblank dma to run also on scanline 262
bug: fix w/z depth flags for broken GUIs in dual screen 3d games
bug: fixes to poly sorting
bug: block 8bit vram writes
enh: improve accuracy of opengl shaders


bug: fix 16bpp display
bug: more fixes to multi-gamepads
bug: cheat windows robustification
bug: fix that sticky pause state when resetting and loading roms
bug: dont crash when no sound device is available
bug: change F10 to be save slot 0
bug: fix --start-paused
enh: try not to screensave while using gamepad
enh: add EPX and EPX1.5X resize filters
enh: add a japanese translation which will soon be stale like the others
enh: add fancy ctrl+printscreen with emulator info on it
enh: add "lockdown" window mode to keep window safe from fast stylus action
enh: add alt+enter fullscreen command
enh: add card eject command
enh: add ddraw software mode forcer
enh: improve oam viewer
enh: default 3d to rasterizer so we dont have to suggest it 1000 times a day
enh: add dump-all-memory tool
enh: add reload rom menu/hotkey


bug: fix building for nosse2 systems
bug: fix --num-cores
bug: fix occasional touchscreen failures
bug: fix crash starting dsm record
enh: add --nojoy=1 to fix laptops with accelerometers
enh: add simple auto frameskip mode in the gtk frontend
enh: add gui for configuring joystick in the gtk frontend
enh: make the cli frontend read the ini config file too
enh: additional OpenAL microphone backend (ncalexan)
enh: common place for config and saves (Jan Steffens)
enh: libagg is now optional if you don't need the hud

0.9.4 -> 0.9.5 (r2437-r3075)

0.9.5 introduces an entirely rewritten main emulation loop This totally changes the timing, and totally breaks old savestates. The OSX build is now based on the GTK port which is more up-to-date.

Assorted Highlights:

 * synchronous SPU mode to fix	streaming sounds
 * win32: lua engine, path configuration, 7z dearchiving support


bug: rewrite main emulation loop and cycle accounting, fixes a lot of timings
bug: add more detailed timing emulation, removes much bogus lag
bug: rewrite DMA,gxfifo,gxstat; fix many games and no more alternate flush mode
bug: fix cflash directory support for non-windows and sector-writing
bug: fix freeze in cart irq
bug: correctly emulate dma to/from tcm
bug: fix in thumb LSR carryflag
bug: fix thumb BX PC switch to arm state
bug: fix adpcm looping, remove adpcm caching (no longer necessary)
bug: fixes to swi 3,4,5,8,0x10
bug: fixes to exmemstat and ipc sync registers
bug: support new backup commands
bug: improve bootup bios/firmware emulation steps
enh: gbaslot: add guitar grip, gbagame flash support, expansion memory pak
enh: add more powerful antigrain-based drawing library and rewrite OSD system
enh: ideas-style debugging prints
enh: most optimizations now SSE instead of SSE2
enh: more improvements to frameskipping and frame advance/speed controls


bug: fix backdrop blending with garbage
bug: fix 256B granularity sprite addressing for sub gpu
bug: fix obj blending, bmp obj rendering, and some obj window cases
bug: fix 128-wide captures
bug: fix 16color BG line buffer overflow
bug: fix color overflow in capture blending
bug: fix disp fifo capture
bug: fix simultaneous vram display and capture via same bank
bug: fix 3d overflow acknowledge registers
bug: fix 32bit toon table writes
bug: change 3d cores to use 18bit color
bug: fix boxtest (addition overflow!), move clipper to main graphics engine
bug: fix failure in some cases of polygon clipping
bug: fix disp3dcnt emulations
bug: fixes to poly sorting
bug: fix ogl renderer wireframe support	
bug: swrast: fix backface culling of nonconvex polys
bug: swrast: add clear image and scroll emulation
bug: swrast: add fog emulation
bug: swrast: fixes to shadow rendering
bug: swrast: preliminary edge marking, works decent
enh: swrast: multicore optimization for a few fps speedup


bug: fix support for multiple gamepads and gamepad hotkeys
bug: fix mic noise code and load wav instead of raw; effective in more cases
bug: fix for several sticky and broken hotkeys, and f10 hotkeys
bug: fixes in ram search, add DTCM and ITCM searching, ...
bug: fix sound settings vol slider
bug: recover from missing window -32000 problem
bug: don't turn on mic unless mic input is enabled
enh: x64 build type now supported
enh: side-by-side and single screen view modes, many fixes to window resizing
enh: choose any gap size by dragging bottom window edge (must be enabled)
enh: choose a gap color
enh: import/export no$GBA savefiles directly
enh: multicore optimization for filters, rotation, OSD
enh: soundview can now mute channels
enh: new ioregview
enh: common commandline system, many arguments shared with linux
enh: improve map view tool to support more modes
enh: add "FORCE AS CURRENT" recovery tool for mis-sized savefiles
enh: add some kind of very small savestate rewinding buffer
enh: autoframeskip works better
enh: add Italian translation
enh: added 2x resizing filters (hq2x, hq2xs, lq2x, lq2xs, 2xsai, supereagle)
                               (scanlines, nearest2x, bilinear)


enh: alsa microphone support
enh: hud and osd notification for gtk and cli frontends
enh: add support for the SSE optimizations

0.9.2 -> 0.9.4 (r1844->r2352->r2437)

0.9.3 was skipped due to emu news sites sneaking it out of our staging area and releasing it prematurely while it still had bugs. I was going to curse them individually, but then I decided that they would just like the publicity.


* New save autodetection and save file format
* Full rerecording support


bug: fix many 64 bit and endian issues
bug: fix mic input, which was nearly useless before
bug: fix failures of large dmas
bug: fix in ipc sync which broke devkitpro touch
bug: screenshots now exclude hud and rotation
bug: rewritten vram mapping (fixes corrupted or missing BG)
enh: add universal commandline system (same commandline options on every port)
enh: cheats: added Action Replay code parser
enh: more reliable and useful frameskipping
enh: SPU: speedup: add adpcm caching
enh: SPU: speedup: interpolation is now optional
enh: print svn build number so we can identify people's svn builds from screenshots


bug: add polygon y-sorting (fixes 3d guis)
bug: fix texcoordgen mode 3; fixes some ortho sprites and some entirely broken games
bug: display capture fixes
bug: fix a number of OBJ modes
bug: fixes to affine BG modes
bug: better emulate some translucent OBJ
bug: more correct handling of color effect windows and backdrop colors
bug: fix matrix stack overrun which crashed emulator
bug: swrast: add clear depth image emulation and other fixes to depth buffering
bug: swrast: fix some toon and highlight cases
bug: fix bug in matrix stack, fixes some broken models
enh: add alternate flush mode HACK 3d config toggle, fixes some entirely broken 3d games  


bug: more robust cheats engine and dialog
enh: more solid avi and wav recording
enh: improved tools: memory viewer
enh: added tools: spu viewer, ram watch, ram search
enh: change build configuration system
enh: speedup: add gpu core disabling to hide useless screens
enh: add background pause feature (for when emulator loses focus)
enh: add missing autohold for L and R
enh: add chinese translation

Gtk frontend:

enh: switch all of menu/toolbar system to GtkAction + GtkUIManager
enh: remove the gtglext 3d code
enh: improve/speedup screen resize and final presentation logic in gtk frontend
enh: minimal rerecording hookups

Cli frontend:

enh: hooked the frameskip (szigor)
enh: misc usability improvements: auto pause switch for pausing when focus is lost and exit on escape pressing (szigor)
enh: hook the fake noise mic; use m to toggle

0.9.1 -> 0.9.2


bug: fix error in SBCS/RSCS flags; fixes many odd behaviors and crashes [zeromus]
bug: add support for sleep mode and power registers [luigi__]
bug: important fixes to RTC so correct time is actually told [luigi__]
bug: fix card reads below 0x8000; fixes some game freezes [normatt]
bug: fix 4 mbit save type; fix non-autodetect savefile dumping [zeromus, matusz]
enh: add sram to GBA game addon emulation for importing savefiles [zeromus]
enh: many improvements and feature hookups in linux ports [matusz, luigi__]


bug: fix specular texture mapping mode [luigi__]
bug: repairs to some capture modes and vram mapping [zeromus, CrazyMax]
bug: viewports finally correctly handled [zeromus]
enh: add software rasterizer. quirky, but on par with opengl [zeromus]


bug: mitigate bad frameskipper; default to old frameskipping mode [zeromus]
bug: fixes with recent roms and zipfile loading [zeromus]
bug: fix window position memory [zeromus]
enh: bios and firmware may now be used and booted [luigi__]
enh: many display, OSD, and input enhancements [luigi__]
enh: brand new hotkey and controls binding system [zeromus]
enh: configurable screen separation [luigi__]
enh: fast forward key [pa__]
enh: improvements to mic [luigi__]
enh: faster updates in debug tools, up to once per frame [pa__]

Mac OS X Port:

enh: added Italian translation thanks to Paolo Bernini [jeff]
enh: resurrection of GDB stub [sigmaris]

0.9 -> 0.9.1


enh: GBA slot emulation  [CrazyMax]
 - Rumble support (windows only)
 - GBA game
enh: Mic support (windows only?) [luigi__]
enh: Preliminary cheats system [CrazyMax]
enh: Savestates invalidated, as more variables have been added.
bug: Added PSG white noise [luigi__]
bug: fix arm/thumb ROR [zeromus]
bug: [ 2550645 ] Super Princess Peach: crash when starting a puzzle [zeromus]
bug: win32: fix spu wav file writer (regression from 0.8) [zeromus,luigi__]
bug: Much work on FIFOs, still not finished [CrazyMax]
bug: Many fixes to dma [zeromus, CrazyMax]
bug: bios WaitForVblank and WaitForInterrupt fixed [luigi__]


bug: Added sprite blending [luigi__]
bug: more correct mosaic effects, still imperfect [zeromus]
bug: Many fixes to tile rendering; all graphics tests now pass [luigi__]
bug: fix crashes in some affine BG [zeromus]
bug: Implement some pos test function [luigi__]
bug: fix texture mapping across texture and palette banks and to unmapped banks [zeromus]
bug: fix texture handling for texels with MSB set (fixes some texture corruption) [zeromus]
bug: fix texture coordinate generation, including environment mapping [zeromus]
bug: texture cache invalidates when palettes change, prevents some texture corruption [zeromus]
bug: fix display capturing from 2d+3d source when display mode is display-vram [zeromus] 
bug: [ 2488334 ].1 fixes to layer compositing [luigi__]
bug: [ 2488334 ].3 fix bug in support for hdma affine bg parameters [zeromus]
bug: Improvements to 3d h-scrolling [luigi__]
bug: Fix some errors in rendering 512 tall BG [zeromus,CrazyMax] (still not fully resolved)
bug: Add optional fragment shading pipeline (more precision) [luigi__]
bug: Fix bug where some sprites got cut of on x=255 [zeromus]
bug: Implement GXSTAT register [CrazyMax]


bug: resizing and rotating work in vista [luigi__]
enh: 0 frameskip now lets emulator run at excess speed [zeromus]

Mac OS X Port:

bug: left key setting no longer gets confused with the right key [jeff]
enh: more keys can be mapped

0.8 -> 0.9

There have been so many changes that this list can hardly be considered complete.
For this release, we have formatted the list into a high level overview of big changes and bad bugs relative to the previous release. Hopefully what you're interested in.
This list does not include items which are solely performance boosts, for let us just say that virtually every system has been speeded up.
* The savestate system is totally changed and incompatible with old savestates.
* The 3d system should be considered rewritten.


enh: Convert to c++
enh: Add functions for a lid open/close. Holding key (default "Backspace" in Windows port) while game is freeze/non freeze. [CrazyMax]
enh: Add secure area decryption from ndstool [zeromus]
enh: Change savestate code to support loosely bound chunks and more easily other parts of the emu (GE, GPU).
     The savestate format is changed, but from now on it is in principle more resilient 
     (though it will continue to break as we tinker with the internals) [zeromus]
enh: Added SSE2 optimizations for matrices. Since we now make an SSE2 build, more optimizations can be made. [CrazyMax]
enh: Add a preliminary GUI hud system [CrazyMax,zeromus]


bug: Many fixes in IPC and GE FIFOs. Fixes freezes in NSMB, dsracing, and others. [CrazyMax,luigi__,shash]
bug: Fix ARM instructions SBC and RSC (likewise SBC in thumb) [normatt]
bug: Fixed Thumb LDMIA (fixes ingame Dead'n'Furious) [shash]
bug: Fix repeating DMA (fixes NSMB parallax BG) [zeromus]
bug: Proper handling for unaligned CPU accesses [luigi__]
bug: Proper handling for undefined instruction exceptions [Salva Peiró]
bug: correctly return vram control register values (fixes homebrew 3d games) [zeromus]
enh: Remove 16MB of WRAM at 0x01****** from arm9. Mapped to unused instead. Nobody knows what this was. [zeromus]
enh: Changed instruction execution to 16 at a time blocks (tested and stable) [shash]


bug: Newer and better sqrt and div emulation; makes SM64DS playable [luigi__,shash,zeromus]
bug: Add preliminary RTC implementations [CrazyMax]
enh: Add cosine interpolation in the SPU (conditionally compiled) [zeromus,luigi__]
enh: Experimental: always one silent non-mixing SPU core at 44.1khz synched with emu, for more precision.
     The audible core runs with the host, causing music to slow down but not tear or pitch bend. [zeromus]


- Overhaul 3d:
 . Move entire GE to core emu.
 . Move OpenGL renderer to emu core for optional use by platforms, removing ogl_collector. Now every platform shares the same 3d code.
 . Reorganize 3d code to defer rendering to after 3d vblank. Eliminates tearing, and texturing artifacts. [zeromus]
 . Add optional fragment shading pipeline (more precision) [luigi__]
 . Move lighting model to software instead of using opengl's fixed function model [zeromus]
 . Render shadow volumes; toon shading and highlight table [zeromus, luigi__]
 . Added texture caching! big speed up. [CrazyMax]

bug: Many assorted tweaks and improvements to 3d and 2d precision [zeromus,CrazyMax,luigi__]
bug: Fixes to GE: command unpacking, projection and pos-vector mode matrix handling, mult and load commands [zeromus]
bug: Fix a bug in texture transformation mode 1 [zeromus]
bug: Fixed GPU rendering bugs in sprites and BG [CrazyMax]
bug: Fixes to texture conversion [CrazyMax,zeromus]
bug: Fixes in capture display (no blinking in many games with dual 3D) [CrazyMax]
bug: Fixes in master brightness (this fixes some games with black screens) [CrazyMax] 
bug: Fixes in screen, backdrop, and sprite blending [luigi__]
bug: Changed clear depths and how depth initial values are calculated (fixes SM64DS skybox, Castlevania) [shash,lugi__] 
bug: Add 3d layer h-scrolling [zeromus]
bug: Added transparency and fixed material alpha support and alpha testing on the 3D core [shash]
bug: Rewrite VRAM mapping control and rendering (more accurate) [CrazyMax,luigi__]
bug: convert colors to opengl better to prevent alpha=31 polys from being ever so slightly transparent [zeromus]
enh: Add MMU->GPU signal for when vram mappings change to function as a texture cache invalidate signal [zeromus]
enh: Make matrix 4x4 multiply routines use W-coordinate; carry w coord through pipeline [zeromus]

Mac OS X port:

bug: Fixed: Filenames and paths with unicode characters now work. [Jeff]
bug: Fixed: Load state from file button works again. [Jeff]
enh: Save State panel now pauses emulation while the file selection box is open. [Jeff]
bug: Fixed: Frozen video output (and/or messed 3d emulation) after loading a state. [Jeff]
bug: Added option to load the most recent file upon launching the program. [Jeff]
enh: Added French translation (thanks to Pierre Rudloff). [Jeff]
enh: Added basic key mapping configuration to application preferences (thanks to Julio GorgŽ). [Jeff]
enh: Added keyboard shortcuts for Execute, Pause and Reset command (thanks to Julio GorgŽ). [Jeff]
enh: Default key mappings are no longer case sensitive. [Jeff]
enh: Added ability to limit speed. [Jeff]
enh: Fixed: Video output should work on software-only 3D renderers. [Jeff]

Windows port:

bug: Fix a race condition in NDS_3D_Reset and NDS_glInit [zeromus]
bug: Fix the buggy auto frameskip logic which made the emu slow to a crawl. Now it runs fast! [zeromus]
bug: Fix resizing, rotate & aspect ration of main window. [CrazyMax,_zeromus]
bug: Remove multithreading from user interface after finding several synchronization issues [zeromus]
enh: recent roms menu [luigi_]
enh: Changed graphics render core to DirectDraw (work faster) [CrazyMax]
enh: Add an arm9 cpu load average calculator similar to no$. but I dont think it works right. [zeromus]
enh: Rewrite all debug tools (autoupdate works now) [CrazyMax]
enh: Rewrite input core & replace config input dialog [CrazyMax]
enh: Add AVI output [zeromus]
enh: Add pause toggle and frame advance hotkeys [adelikat]
enh: Add frame counter display and hud messages framework [adelikat]
enh: Main window remembers position, size, and a few other emu preferences [adelikat]
enh: Removed directx sdk dependency for easier building. [zeromus]
enh: Savestate doesnt unpause emu if it is already paused [adelikat]

0.7.3 -> 0.8

- Save State As function now works. [Jeff B]
- Recent Items menu now works. [Jeff B]
- Opening NDS files from Finder now works. [Jeff B]
- Added screenshot feature. [Jeff B]
- Added preferences. [Jeff B]
- Many more strings are translatable now. [Jeff B]
- Default screen color is black (better represents being "off" and easier on eyes at night). [Jeff B]
- Added sound. [Jeff B]
- Now is a universal binary. [Jeff B]
- Leopard resolution icon added. [Jeff B]
- Added a Japanese translation. [Jeff B]
- Added an optional status bar (resize handle no longer overlaps screen). [Jeff B]
- New ROM Info and About DeSmuME windows have been added. [Jeff B]
- Fixed several bugs in window resizing. [Jeff B]
- Added FAT image support for homebrew games (thanks to TypeError). [Jeff B]
- Key config can be changed on the command line. Save/load hotkeys changed (so expose doesn't override). [Jeff B]
- Key bindings may work better on non-US keyboards now (needs testing). [Jeff B]
- Encapsulate GDB debug stub to avoid certain problems [shash]
- Fixed CPU LD*/ST* bugs [shash]
- Fixed New SMB mini-games freeze [shash]
- Fixed possible segfault in ROMReader on ia64 and amd64. [evilynux]
- Fixed a crash bug with 2D background corrupting memory [shash]
- Flag check optimization [carlo_bramini]
- Applied some endian fixes in GPU (thanks to Phazz) [Jeff B]
- Added DeSmuME version in about dialog. [evilynux]
- Updated website url in about dialog. [evilynux]
- Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Dreampeppers99. [evilynux]
- Better desktop menu entry following FreeDesktop specifications. [evilynux]
- Updated website url in about dialog. [evilynux]
- Better desktop menu entry following FreeDesktop specifications. [evilynux]
windows port:
- Added an "about" box [shash]
- DirectInput control interface with joystick support [CrazyMax]
- Matrix and Light viewer [Acid Burn]

0.7.2 -> 0.7.3

 - Full localization using intltool/gettext. [evilynux]
 - Added a README.TRANSLATION documenting the localization process. [evilynux]
MacOS X:
 - Initial version of the Mac interface added. [Jeff B]

0.7.1 -> 0.7.2

 - big endian fixes. [cyberwarriorx]
 - big endian fixes. [marcus_c]
 - opengl improvements. [masscat]
 - Added support for setting NDS firmware language value. [masscat]
 - Function added for setting firmware language. [masscat]
 - Mac/msys compilation fixes. [cyberwarriorx]
 - Fix compilation when pkg-config macros are not available [evilynux]

0.7.0 -> 0.7.1

 - Added GDB debugger stub [masscat]
 - Added new/different GBAMP CFlash image reader/writer [masscat]
 - Major speedup to the 2D core [shash]
 - Added command line options. [masscat]
 - Added FPS limiter [masscat]
 - Added command line options. [masscat]
 - Added FPS limiter [masscat]
 - Added option to use OpenGl to render window (allows resizing). [masscat]
windows port:
 - Added command line options. [masscat]
 - Added multiple language support [cyberwarriorx]
 - Added Danish language translation [thomas-2007]

0.6.0 -> 0.7.0

 - Added support for *.duc files [cyberwarriorx]
 - Added support for sprite rotation/scaling [shash]
 - Added support for the 3D core (openGL and null plugins) [shash] 
windows port:
 - A bunch of fixes [Dmitry Krutskih]
 - Fixed a bug in sound that was causing it to still not work for some
   people [cyberwarriorx]
 - Added 3D emulation
 - Added command line options.
 - Added option to use OpenGL to render window (allows resizing).
 - Added 3D emulation

0.5.0 -> 0.6.0

 - Added zipped (based on zziplib) and gzipped (based on zlib) rom support.
 - Added relocation interrupt vector.
 - Added region access right checks.
 - Enabled LDC/STC instructions.
 - Fixed powersave (cp15) IRQ wait.
 - Fixed MOV instructions
 - Added special color effects.
 - Added windowing feature.
 - Fixed transparent direct color backgrounds.
 - Fixed disabled sprites showing.
 - Fixed 8/32 bit access to gpu registers.
 - Fixed missing backgrounds
 - Support for master brightness
 - Added RF chip interface.
 - Added BB chip interface.
windows port:
 - Fixed address calculation in disassembler.
 - Added Force Maintain Ratio option for window stretching
linux port (cli, gtk and gtk-glade):
  - Added joystick support.
  - Fixed X and Y buttons.
  - Added joystick configuration.
  - Improved I/O registers viewer tool.
  - Added save and load states support.

0.3.3 -> 0.5.0

 - Fixed MSR with immediate value opcode.
 - Fixed LSR_0 thumb opcode (C flag is correctly set now).
 - Fixed LDR*/STR* opcodes.
 - Fixed unaligned memory access on THUMB Core.
 - Added relocating SWI routines.
 - Added decompression functions.
 - Added GetPitchTable function.
 - Added GetVolumeTable function.
 - Added GetCRC16 function.
 - Added experimental SoundBias function.
 - Added GetSineTable function.
 - Added CompactFlash/FAT emulation.
 - Added Get ROM chip ID Cartridge command.
 - Added framebuffer emulation.
 - Fixed a bug in GPU (xfin could be greater than LG causing a segfault).
 - Added support for Display Mode 0(Display Off).
 - Added the basic framework for Display Mode 3(Display from Main RAM).
 - Added sound emulation.
 - Added sound core system.
 - Added WAV write core.
 - Added dummy core.
 - Added Direct Sound core.
linux port:
 - Added GTK+ GUI.
 - Added command line interface.
 - Added stylus and arm9 keypad support in CLI version.
 - Added FPS display.
 - Added basic frameskip.
windows port:
 - Fixed a bug when displaying a ROM's information.
 - Added key configuration.
 - Removed the debug key.
 - Added new experimental auto frameskip/frame limit code.
 - Added sound settings dialog.
 - Added a few menu options for accessing the website, forums, and for
   submitting bugs.
 - Rewrote code in C.
 - Fixed warnings.
 - Used defines and typedef's to make things more portable and easier to
 - Added autotools stuff.
 - Changes to logging system.
 - Added screenshot function.
 - Translated most french to english.
 - Added savestate support.
 - Added firmware reading support(needs work).
 - Added Backup Memory support with autodetection.
 - Fixed some endianess issues.
 - Fixed things so Visual C++ can compile code.
 - Added bsd support.
 - Reworked ROM loading so you can load a different rom without any problems.
 - Finished NDS_Reset. Now the emulation can be reset even while running.
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