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Games that don't work, or are badly emulated

  • Clone Wars
    • Timing Bug (this game may or may not work on any particular version of desmume as timing changes are made). If you can bypass affected parts of the game, you may play with caution.
      • This game uses a circular buffer to track the uploading of textures. When the management is interrupted unexpectedly by a vblank (due to wrong timing in desmume) its data structure gets trashed, and the game freezes.
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
    • extreme slowness in host emulation. (as of 0.9.7). No recourse for the user. Maybe will be fixed one day.
      • I think this game pressures the emulator's texture management by constantly uploading textures.
  • Yoshi Touch & Go
    • unusual slowness in cpu emulation. (as of 0.9.7). No recourse for the user. Incredibly unlikely to be fixed one day.
      • This game goes into an idle loop for no apparent reason and uses 99% of the ARM9. It has been alleged that there may be an emulation bug involved, but it is unclear.
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