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Q. Why doesn't my desmume play this game? A. Go to desmume.org and make sure you are using the latest version. Hint: desmume 0.8 is very old. Older versions will not be supported, under any circumstances.

Q. Why does this game fail to save? A. Desmume's autodetection for save types is not very good. For now, you need to manually specify the correct save type for your game. Consult the manual for details on how to do this for your platform. We want to fix this, but there are no specific plans so far.

Q. Why can't I find a mac binary? A. There is no official 0.9.1 mac binary. We do not have a very active mac port maintainer. Volunteer yourself. Or wait for 0.9.2 where the windows release manager is going to give it a shot.

Q. Why doesnt my 3d openGL work in linux? A. View the threads HERE and HERE and HERE. Alternatively, wait for 0.9.2 which will have a software rasterizer

Q. Why doesn't my 3d openGL work in windows? A. You are probably using an ATI video card. Get an nvidia. Do not argue with us, we are professional programmers and know what we're talking about. Alternatively, wait for 0.9.2 which will have a software rasterizer.

Q. Why does music sound bad sometimes? A. Most DS music is sequenced music, loaded from the cart to the ARM7 entirely when the level loads. This works fine. Your music that doesn't work is probably streaming music, which loads from the cart on the fly and goes straight to the speakers. This is much harder to emulate as it requires correct timing, which is not one of desmume's strengths right now. This may not be fixed for a while.

Q. Why is the emulator slow? A. Because nobody pays us to work on it full time and it runs fast enough for us to be happy. Well, almost. The cheapest way to get 60fps is to buy the cart. Buying a newer, faster computer is somewhat more expensive, and it has other side benefits. Also, if you are in Windows, make sure you have tried the SSE build which helps a little bit. Additionally, if you are using someone else's interim build it might not be fully optimized since we make our Windows releases using some profiler-guided optimization which helps by a little bit.

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