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DesMuMe 0.9.4- FAQ

This FAQ holds a list of many commonly asked questions about DeSmuME 0.9.4 and earlier, which have all been obsoleted by newer revisions. Topics specifically about 0.9.4 and earlier are addressed in here; but if you are using a newer release you should definitely be using the FAQ

If the FAQ is unable to answer any questions you have, then please make sure that you also consult the manual. If this doesn't help, either, post your question on the forums.


Release 0.9.4 and earlier Topics

In 0.9.4, what does the number/percentage in the DeSmuME title bar mean

  • For the Windows port, the percentage is the emulated ARM9 CPU load average. The CPU in an actual Nintendo DS is an ARM9 CPU. The percentage shows us how busy the emulated CPU is. This number isnt really for you. You are far too curious. But go ahead and brag about how emulated games run at 99% on your system, it makes us laugh.

Why does the emulator take a long time to start up and/or devastate my system or unarchiver when I run it?

This is a problem with the DeSmuME 0.9.2 that some people impolitely distribute themselves. Redownload 0.9.2 from sourceforge.net or get a newer version. It isn't a virus or anything, it is a bug in the application that can just bring a system to its knees. It tries to allocate 1GB of virtual memory. This also crashes or freezes some virus scanners (I've seen it on AVG).

Why do I get an assert in wifi.cpp which keeps me from playing a game?

This was a glitch in 0.9.2 release which was fixed in 0.9.4.

If DeSmuME doesn't support wifi, then why does it make my firewall alert since 0.9.2?

Your firewall is stupid, or winsock is stupid, (I am not sure which yet) for alerting just when winsock gets initialized. The emulator hasnt actually tried to connect to the internet yet. How could it? There isn't any wifi. All we are doing is some network initialization code. For those of you who are still not satisfied, then I will admit that there is actually some wifi code--but it doesn't actually do anything yet! Except alert your firewall. Sorry. Also, maybe that is actually a good, unobtrusive time for firewalls to alert. But I am not sorry for calling them stupid. They are hyperactive crybabies.

Does Scribblenauts work?

Try 0.9.5.

It works in 0.9.4 but you must use external bios files and "emulate swi's with bios images". Speaking of work, it has come to my attention that several people worked for some years making this game. If that means anything to you people.

How do I use external BIOS files or firmware?

Config > emulation settings and supply the path. Do not ask us for BIOS files as we don't have them. It is only my psychic skills which enable me to know that this fixes Scribblenauts.

Since the menu option doesn't exist in the OS X port, it is impossible to play scribblenauts on it.

Like to MAC/OSX port, the Linux port(s) don't allow you to use external BIOS or Firmware files either.

Why can't Pokemon save after beating the elite 4?

Your save file is 9KB. It should be 513KB. Your save file is broken due to you never having established the right savefile size. That means you made it all the way through the game without saving and then testing it by loading (which would not have worked, if you had tried it). See the above discussion for why that was a very bad idea. In post-0.9.4 svn or 0.9.4+ rr builds you may see an option in the savetypes menu called FORCE AS CURRENT which, when used after picking the correct pokemon savefile size (4mbit) will hopefully permit subsequent saves to create a correct savefile.

In order to do that youll have to load your savestate first. If you have been using 0.9.4, since savestate compatibility between versions is not warranted, and definitely won't work between 0.9.4 and 0.9.5, you'll have to use Gocha's 0.9.4+ build which is located at http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=210670 which will be able to load an 0.9.4 savestate.

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