Installing DeSmuME from source on Windows

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For a Windows build, you first have to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Editon and TortoiseSVN. But first, a warning: don't try this unless you know what you are doing, because odds are you will run into trouble or make a crappy build that will run slow. But for those of you that are gluttons for punishment: Next, make a folder that you want the desmume src to be in. Then right-click it and do svn checkout. Fill in: Then hit ok, and it should download the current src. Then, in desmume/src/windows, open Desmume2008.vcproj. Then visual studio should open up. Go to build > configuration manager and change it to Interim SSE2 (if you have a ghetto computer just try interim). Back in the main window, press f7 to compile. After the compile completes, the executable should be located in windows\__bins\DeSmuME_VS2008_sse2.exe or somesuch. Since desmume source code comes with the necessary directx files, installation of the directx sdk is unnecessary.

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