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This is a concise list of tips to get games running. This includes "known bugs" which users should work around themselves and not expect to be fixed any time soon.

------ Pokemon ------
  • There are forums dedicated to pokemon gaming elsewhere on the web. Go there.
  • Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver
------ Other games ------
  • No snags, with updated desmume
  • No snags, with particular settings
    • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn - Use advanced SPU logic and synchronous sound options or else sound and music are broken #1342
    • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Use microphone samples #1327; Finetune SoftRasterizer "Depth Comparison Threshold"

  • Text rendering is poor (toggle between opengl and softrasterizer renderers to get through game or use TXT hack in > 0.9.10 versions)
    • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor #1191
  • Other rendering is poor (toggle between opengl and softrasterizer renderers to get through game)
  • #SAVEANDLOAD Runtime snags, save in-game and reload frequently (most likely all timing bugs)
    • Digimon (freezes in conversation) #1040
    • Rune Factory (timing bugs accumulate; freezes) #1249
  • #TIMING Runtime snags, requires timing tweaks
    • Bowser's Inside Story - Very sensitive to timing. Try "Enable Advanced Bus-level Timing". See #1156

  • #JIT Runtime snags, JIT-related (change jit/recompiler blocksize or disable jit/recompiler)
    • Warioware Touched (nonplayable(?) behavioural bugs) #1178
    • Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (graphical bugs) #1275
    • Final Fantasy IV (graphical bugs) #1180
    • Star Wars Revenge of The Sith (graphical bugs) #1179
    • Nintendogs (graphical bugs) #1371
    • Fossil Fighters - Champions (freezing) #1326
    • Starfy (graphical bugs) #1369
  • #INCONSEQUENTIAL Inconsequential Bugs
    • New Touch Party Game (Title screen logo corrupted) #665

------ Homebrew ------

(When using 0.9.10, which is a turd, make sure you use "config > rom loading > load entirely to ram". Otherwise DLDI won't auto-patch and MPCF won't work.)

  • No snags
  • Snags
    • Herocat versus Univillain [ ] - Works fine via MPCF or GBAGAME; rom must be named uni.nds via MPCF due to hardcode in rom
    • R4 Firmware - Set Slot-1 Device R4, and specify the directory with your flash card firmware; Then load the NDS file which corresponds to the ROM contents of your flash card (we don't ship desmume with someone's copyrighted flash card roms)
  • MPCF Tip - config > slot 2 > MPCF flash card device. Use path of loaded ROM, usually.
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