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This page is intended as a place to write ideas on further development of gtk and glade frontends available for the linux platform. These should not be just stuff we plan to work on, just random ideas.


  • i'd like to have to have just one frontend for linux, namely the gtk one. I think its code is nicer but it's missing a few features, mostly targeted at rom developers.
  • DONE: since matusz nicely hooked the software rasterizer i think we can kill gtkglext in gtk frontend, it needs lot of code wrt osmesa and it has issues with some cards. Need to figure out how osmesa behaves with not free drivers.
  • i don't feel the hurry to make a uniform cli / gui with the other toolkits frontends, i would find more valuable the feature to have the gtk frontend working fine on mac os x / windows / you name it instead.


  • remove SDL dependency
    • what do we use for sound layer then?
      • Alsa or Pulseaudio.
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