Release 0.6.0

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 - Added zipped (based on zziplib) and gzipped (based on zlib) rom support.
 - Added relocation interrupt vector.
 - Added region access right checks.
 - Enabled LDC/STC instructions.
 - Fixed powersave (cp15) IRQ wait.
 - Fixed MOV instructions
 - Added special color effects.
 - Added windowing feature.
 - Fixed transparent direct color backgrounds.
 - Fixed disabled sprites showing.
 - Fixed 8/32 bit access to gpu registers.
 - Fixed missing backgrounds
 - Support for master brightness
 - Added RF chip interface.
 - Added BB chip interface.
windows port:
 - Fixed address calculation in disassembler.
 - Added Force Maintain Ratio option for window stretching
linux port (cli, gtk and gtk-glade):
  - Added joystick support.
  - Fixed X and Y buttons.
  - Added joystick configuration.
  - Improved I/O registers viewer tool.
  - Added save and load states support.
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