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* win32: tools > view registers crashes
* win32: tools > view registers crashes
===0.9 known emulation bugs:===
[[Release_0.9_EmuBugs|Emulation Bugs]]
* "Personal trainer cooking" hangs, regression from 0.8

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0.9 press release:

This new release is the product of hundreds of new code improvements: We now have an almost 100% reworked 3D core, which is shared amongst all ports for the first time, and have better save states. Compatibility has been improved across the board. The huge number of reworked systems and small fixes is noticeable on some games and homebrew games are running better--or even running at all for the first time. And this work has not stopped, so stay tuned for what's coming in the future!

0.9 release notes:

  • win32: recent-files fails to handle roms opened from archives
  • win32: tools > view registers crashes

Emulation Bugs

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