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0.9.8 press release


Yes, it's been a while since the last release, but we haven't been completely idle. There's a brand new top shelf Cocoa frontend to make life far more pleasant for OSX users, and a host of compatibility fixes.

0.9.7 -> 0.9.8 (r3812-r4228)


bug: fix more IPC FIFO errors
bug: import more save files correctly
bug: don't autopatch already-patched roms
bug: fix bugs in piano and guitar grip
bug: fix ARM7's VRAMSTAT register
bug: fix memory leaks on compact flash emulation
bug: fix reading of rom from low header area
bug: spu: fix some poppy interpolation audio quality issues
bug: improve timing of dma operations by running through normal mem cycle accounting; fixes an annoying number of games and graphical glitches
bug: fix opcode MRC and fake bios CRC16
enh: jitter some related register and irq events to simulate pipeline effects and stimulate some race conditions to other outcomes
enh: fake (deterministic) some tiny jitter from human's hand holding stylus; some games were accidentally depending on this
enh: support nocash-stylep rints from arm
enh: add lua apis for accessing vram
enh: platforms other than windows receive threading optimizations
enh: provide diagnostics when system powers off (useful for homebrewers returning from main())
enh: clarify handling of different console types within the family (ds,dslite,debug)
enh: vfat support for slot-1 devices
enh: emulate temperature register
enh: add paddle emulation


bug: fix occasional crash from uninitialized blending table
bug: fix some 2d alpha blending cases resulting in white screens
bug: fix VRAM_I B_OBJ mirroring and fix sprites rendering across the end of vram
bug: fix rotoscaled sprites wrapping around screen
bug: dont fix rotscaled bitmap sprites with alpha==0
bug: opengl: fix degradation of toon rendering during loadstate
bug: opengl: alpha blending fixes
bug: many refinements to opengl renderer
bug: opengl: support rear-plane/ClearImage emulation (fixes many graphics)
bug: rasterizer: fix some rare alpha blending cases
bug: fix bug in environment mapping introduced after 0.9.6
bug: fix totally glitched out 3d graphics with several improvements involving matrix stack
bug: fix memory overflows in epx filter
bug: prevent backdrop from blending with ???
enh: opengl: better depth buffering emulation
enh: better support for line segment "polys" by detection and special rendering logic
enh: opengl: support quad primitives directly
enh: add hq4x filter


bug: fix a long-standing loadstate crash
bug: fix lag frame accounting
bug: fix glitches in cheat entry menu
bug: stop compact flash emulation from accidentally scanning c:\ sometimes
enh: add support for game database for improved save type detection
enh: hotkey for limit framerate toggle
enh: remove stop and reset toolbar buttons which were accidentally getting used
enh: additional complexification to desmume's behaviour run from a console prompt. whether it's better is uncertain.
enh: add support for cheats databases
enh: improvements to ram search tool
enh: preliminary support for varying stylus pressure
enh: add [Display] Show Console=1 to ini file
enh: more graceful cheat parsing and add some hotkeys
enh: add 5x window size
enh: add big endian and 20.12 toggle to memview and ramwatch
enh: improve FPS throttle feedback and granularity
enh: add lua menu API
enh: hud font switching
enh: add optional file association for .nds to path config dialog


enh: Big update to cocoa frontend. Pretty much entirely new. (rogerman)


bug: gtk: glitches in rom and recent rom loading
bug: glade: normalize savestate slot to hotkey mapping
enh: support soundtouch for use by metaspu
enh: gtk: add SPU mode selection (Tobias Jakobi)
enh: cli: better fps limiting (Thomas Jones)


 bug: some small fixes here and there (Jan Bьcken)
 enh: lot of code cleanup (Jan Bьcken)
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