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Release Date: April 30, 2013

0.9.8 -> 0.9.9 (r4228-r4623)

Yes, it's been a while since the last release, but we haven't been completely idle. There's a brand new jit cpu core which yields some impressive speedups!


!!!: add optional arm cpu jit (functioning on x86 and x64 hosts only)
bug: we're not going to list 70% of the emulation fixes, as is traditional.
bug: savestate reliability fixes related to halt states, gxstat, firmware
bug: lua: fix readbyterange, gdscreenshot functions
bug: commandline slot-1 handling straightened out
enh: fixes and additions to resize filter options


enh: opengl 3d driver compatibility improvements
bug: fix giant regression from 0.9.7 that left garbage from previous frames on the screen in some games
bug: 3d: fix some single poly pixels
bug: 3d: fix some polygon and texture coloring bugs on big-endian systems


bug: fix some full screen stretching bugs
enh: add xaudio2 output driver
enh: add opengl display method (as opposed to directdraw), with controllable bilinear filter
enh: upgrade archive handling system, lzma2 supported
enh: reorganize main menu quite a bit
enh: add rotation hotkeys, and hotkey to control mouse cursor visibility
enh: memory viewer improvements and fixes
enh: improve interface for rom eject to prevent accidents and improve usefulness (hide in slot-1 config screen)


bug: fix missing display when running on OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion
bug: fix possible sound crash when using Dual SPU Synch/Asynch
bug: fix File menu items being disabled after the file migration sheet is used
bug: fix window resizing issues
bug: fix text rendering in About box
enh: show the icon and name of the loaded ROM
enh: add Support Request and Bug Report forms to the Help menu
enh: add more detailed info to the About box
enh: add OpenGL as a 3D rendering option
enh: add support for MSAA when using OpenGL as the 3D rendering engine
enh: add V-Sync option
enh: add Display Orientation, Display Order, and Display Separation options for Combo Display mode
enh: add HQ4xS filter
enh: completely revamp the user interface for Input Preferences
enh: many emulator commands may now be mapped
enh: add ability to map an input to user-defined touch screen coordinates
enh: add support for saving and applying input profiles
enh: add support for using an audio file for the microphone input
enh: add sine wave tone generator for microphone input
enh: add support for multiple display windows (File > New Display Window)
enh: add support for SLOT-1 devices (Emulation > Show SLOT-1 Manager)
enh: overall performance and stability improvements
enh: miscellaneous user interface improvements
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