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- BitUnPack - dslinux.nds

RSCS flags

- FF4 map zoning


- SPP, menu (night or day)

extrotbg2 -> rot_tiled_16bit_entry

- SPP, level 3-8 area 2 (the rotate rooms)

affine bg

- DMA new params each scanline
  * SPP, level 3-8 area 2 (the rotate rooms). also, you can test wrapping/zeroing out of bounds areas by hitting the top right rotate button
- rely on param accumulation
  * ?

Sprite Windows

- Hulk, level intro (round iris effect)
- Mario Kart, powerup box

Sprite blending

- Mario Party, in adventure mode, the players sprites on top screen

Vertex coord source (mode 1)

- NSMB, Scrolling elements in area select maps
- SM64, scrolling water/lava/etc textures, transparent ? blocks, and some others

Vertex coord source (mode 2)

- SM64, star in intro, golden and silver stars in game
- NSMB, star coins

Vertex coord source (mode 3)

- ?

Toon shading

- SM64, the file selection screen, the rainbow effect on character when taking a cap
- NSMB, the rainbow effect on Mario when using a star

Dual screen 3d

- Etrian odyssey (uses obj to display alternate screen?)
- NSMB and SM64, some mini-games


- WarioWare Touched! - Mike (the robot) microgame sequence
- Phoenix Wright - Press Y during a cross-examination and say "Hold it" etc
- Mario & Sonic - Ancient Olympic Games Airship minigame in the Gallery
- Zelda Phantom Hourglass - Entrance to Fire Temple, others
- Cooking Mama - Pork curry and rice
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