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This page is intended as a place to write ideas for how to improve DeSmuME in general.


(no particular order)

  • Make a portable frontend that can work on all platforms we know, and maybe kill specific frontends (gtk / gtk-glade / windows / cocoa)
    • (that frontend would use a portable toolkit such as GTK+, wxWidgets, Qt... that needs to be decided)
    • (rm: "i would find more valuable the feature to have the gtk frontend working fine on mac os x / windows / you name it instead." from Linux frontends todo)
    • (lbalbalba:) My vote goes to GTK. Its already in use, ports of GTK to the supported platforms are available (Windows, Linux, MAC), and it's easier to stick to what you know.
  • Clean up MMU, GPU, SPU
  • Make DeSmuME faster! (ceranyd!)
  • Make proper debugging tools (didn't I already started this? yeah, but pure Win32 GUI is annoying)
    • (lbalbalba:) Once you standardized on a common portable frontend, you can port all the Win32 specific debug stuff to that frontend.
  • (that's all folks)
    • "Th- Th-Th-Th-Th-... That's all, folks."
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