Installing DeSmuME from source on Linux

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The Linux version of desmume comes in source code form only, and if your distribution does not package it or is packaging an old version you will have to compile the sources yourself. In order to compile desmume you'll need at least these packages:

gcc make libglib2 libgtk2 libglade gettext libsdl zlib

If you want 3d engines alternatives to software rasterizer you may install libgtkglext or libosmesa.

Install desmume from source tarball

Go to to check out the latest version of desmume available. At the time of writing the latest the latest stable release of desmume is 0.9.2.

Download the tarball and extract it:

wget tar xvzf desmume-0.9.2.tar.gz

Enter the desmume directory and build the source:

cd desmume-0.9.2 ./configure make sudo make install

If you are not using sudo the last command needs to be run as the 'root' user.

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