Installing DeSmuME from source on Linux

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The Linux version of desmume comes in source code form only, and you will have to compile the sources yourself before you can run it. There are a few pre-requisites that have to be met before you can compile desmume. For example, you will need a compiler like gcc, and several system libraries and header files. If you chose a 'development' installation (or something similair) during the installation of Linux, then it is likely that most if not all of htese pre-requisites are met. If not, you will have to install them manually. how this needs to be done depends on the distribution you are using.

Once you have all the required files installed, you can download the desmume source code. Once downloaded you will need to ungzip it by running the command 'gunzip desmume-version.tar.gz'. Then you will need to untar it by running 'tar -xvf desmume-version.tar'. Now cd to the desmume directory, and run './configure'. After this, you will need to run 'make'. And lastly, you will need to run 'make install'. This last command needs to be run as the 'root' user.

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